Red Coral Sea Sports

                   "Discover the beauty and experience extreme  adventure in Boracay."

 Boracay is a place where you can stay to unwind and relax while    witnessing beautiful sunset.
 It was also known as an island paradise because of its natural  beauty. The main attraction of the island is its four kilometers  stretch  beach that surrounded by crystal blue water that blends  with the  color of the sky at the daytime and covered with the  powder white  sand that glimmer at the night.
                    In addition to your relaxing and entertaining vacation in the island.  Boracay also offers countless exciting activities at affordable price. 
                                 Red Coral aqua and land activities.            If you want some fun and exciting adventure. Then we will bring you there and lets do something different. Experience unstoppable thrill and speed. Discover underwater nature and feel free to explore the marine life, corals and sea creatures that surround the island of Boracay. 
 RED CORAL ACTIVITIES:                                                                                                         * Jet Boat  *Banana Boat  *Fly Fish  *Go-Kart  *ATV and Buggy  *Helmet Diving  *Scuba Diving

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